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Experience the sophisticated, rustic-chic charm of the celebrated, French-inspired Maman cafâe right from home. Welcome to Maman. Maman ("mother" in French) was created to fill a void that fiancâes Elisa Marshall and Benjamin Sormonte saw in the cafâe scene--a beautiful, homey place where you could savor a delicious, freshly baked cookie or quiche and gather with friends for a lively brunch as if in your own living room. In their debut cookbook, the owners of this elegant and charming New York City-based collection of cafâes share the recipes of some of their bestselling baked goods and dishes alongside brand-new ones. This collection of 100 recipes spans breakfast to dessert and everything in between, all united by the sense of family-inspired tradition. Handed down through generations, this is the food that makes you feel at home while also appealing to modern tastes and design aesthetics. The spirit of the cafâe is reflected in recipes like Banana Lavander Waffles with Vanilla Mascarpone, Roasted Delicata Squash, Hazelnut and Taleggio Focaccia Tartine, and the made-famous-by-Oprah Nutty Chocolate Chip Cookie. Blending the allure of New York City with beloved French fare and cafâe culture, The Maman Cookbook encourages the Francophile in you to create delicious cafâe favorites and special moments in your own home"--

Ingram // Maman: The Cookbook - Elisa Marshall & Benjamin Sormonte

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